Services For Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms

VtM provides custom market research services to support the due diligence of angels and VC’s who invest in cleantech startups. Cleantech is a broad category, filled with niches and specialty applications overlooked by analysts and neglected by off-the-shelf market research reports. This makes it particularly challenging to carry out effective due diligence, and even if investors have the required expertise, they rarely have the time to put in the necessary legwork. VtM supplements due diligence efforts on an as-needed basis, serving as a flexible resource to support well-informed investment decisions.

VtM brings a valuable combination of cleantech industry experience, technical knowledge, and business expertise to its engagements. Findings are delivered in clear, concise documents that get to the point while providing valuable insights. Client contracts and services are designed to make engagements easy, flexible, and respectful of the time of all parties involved.

Please contact VtM to learn more about its services for angel investors.