Smart Grid

The 2009 stimulus package in the US provided a number of utilities with the opportunity to evaluate a range of smart grid technologies designed to increase grid visibility and control on both sides of the customer’s meter. Those projects continue to yield valuable insight into the types of technologies and approaches that hold the most promise for generating a positive rate of return for utilities and improving the satisfaction of utility customers. Jay Holman, Principal of VtM, has developed case studies and written reports on one of the most promising areas of smart grid technology: grid optimization at both the distribution level and the transmission level. At the distribution level, topics such as Volt/VAR optimization, auto sectionalizing and restoration, and conservation voltage reduction were covered. At the transmission level, the focus was on flexible AC transmission system (FACTS) devices, dynamic line rating, high temperature low sag conductors, and similar technologies.

VtM Project Example

Smart Grid Case Studies based on utility grid optimization projects

Completed four detailed case studies of grid optimization projects carried out by utilities on the cutting edge of smart grid deployment. Utility projects included volt/VAR optimization, conservation voltage reduction, and auto-sectionalizing and restoration.

Published Articles and Reports on Smart Grid

Business Strategy: Optimizing Transmission for Wind Integration

Published by IDC in June 2010

Author: Jay Holman

This IDC Energy Insights report examines the role of key electricity transmission technologies in enabling the rapid growth of the U.S. wind energy market. The report describes the impact of current transmission constraints on existing and planned wind farms and the challenges encountered when new transmission lines are proposed. An overview of the transmission technologies that offer solutions to these challenges is supported by examples and an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of each approach.